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About us

Commitment To Excellence

Grace Event Productions is more than just a full-service event design and production company. We partner with you to produce innovative, sophisticated and cutting-edge event designs using core believes and storytelling to drive the creative flow. Founded in 2006, Grace Events understands that to truly engage a guest, ideas and every forte must be down to the smallest threaded detail.

We are trained in event production, design and fabrication, culinary, food and health safety, floral and décor design, fashion design, destination management and white glove concierge hospitality. We treat each event as a work of Art by blending color with texture and producing experiences that are unforgettable, precisely planned and executed. Refinement to detail is the signature of our work.

Good designs evoke emotion that goes beyond visual components and leaves guest wanting more. Our passion is creating great designs using a five-senses approach that invent what doesn’t exist. We incorporate components that transcend generations, leaving each event as timeless and classic as the moment they were conceived.

We take the journey with our Clients. We hear. We listen. We communicate. We create. We plan. We promote. We produce. With our ambition synced with an eye for a colorful detailed palate, we transform and elevate intriguing lifetime experiential moments leaving all involved breathtakingly inspired.

“Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week”

10 percent of Grace Event Productions proceeds go to LOVE GIVES LOVE, nonprofit organization, providing humanitarian opportunities and experiences around the world. We love to celebrate life, laugh, love, give, travel and sprinkle pixie dust on our Client’s dreams.


Cheryl Muncie, CEO & Owner, designs, plans and creates luxurious experiential events. 25 plus years of experience in the events industry has taught her to be hands on with the team and Clients, meticulous with details and to maintain a calm demeanor under any circumstance. These tenets have helped ensure that every event is produced to the highest possible standards.

As an entrepreneur and innovator, Cheryl is instinctively always on the hunt for the most cutting-edge technologies, designs, latest trends and fashions. Her production and operations background ranges from Disney Event Productions to the Texas Governor’s Division of Emergency Management to Grand Openings for Walmart and Sam’s Club. Producing concerts, pyrotechnical stunts shows and events her projects have spanned over three continents. Managing every talent and skill level from performers to craft tradesmen, navigating through language barriers and cultural differences, she offers a trained eye and show sense to every Client’s needs while applying a commitment to quality and excellence that is now a hallmark of Grace Events.

Cheryl is show and event designer and producer with exciting inspiration for creating artful installations and experiential events, who also has a passion for people, love and giving, this always translates to surpassing the Client’s expectations.


Wade Lewis, President, brings over 30 years of marketing, sales, training and operations background ranging from corporate events, retail, financial services, insurance, oil and gas industries. His experience encompasses a consultative style that lends him to his one on one approach with our Clients and team.

As an entrepreneur, Wade believes in coaching and mentoring all involved in each project to ensure the highest level of success. He also feels that being a good listener is the key to a healthy relationship in business and in life.

Wade’s other passion and love language is cooking which become the brain-child of Heart and Soul Culinary, a catering company he co-owns with Cheryl. His number one goal is to ensure every Client is 100% satisfied and successful. With his dedication to supporting, remaining accessible and truly listening to what people have to say, Wade is always just a phone call away and happy to help.


Grace Event Staff is filled with a team that is committed to making our Client’s experience the best it can possibly be. They are friendly, caring, genuine and have a get it done now attitude. Their job is to take the pressure off so your team shines. They, too, are always happy to help.